Monday, March 10, 2008

Baam O Der-Part 1


Bahaar Bareilvi said...

aap se ek iltemaas hai ki aap ki kuchh chuninda ghazals ko mere id per bhej deejiye . main ise hindi devnagri mein apne blog..
per post kar doonga taki hindustaan aur mere state ke log aap ko padh sakein . aap ka

Rehan Qayoom said...

Kya koi nei larhki aa gei hei daftar men
Aj kul zayada hi khoosh libas rehety ho

You have summed almost up an entire poem of Parveen Shakir in this one verse which I have rendered into English as follows

Sobbing like a child he insisted
That they bury him alive with his dead wife
The boys nudged and winked
At each other
The elderly said 'He has gone mad'
And the priests had a hard time dragging him back home!

Daily he would go to Mewashah after work
Carrying flowers and incense candles
He made this his routine for some time
Then he would go every Thursday
Then every ninth day
Then on the 2 Eids, and then every Shab-barat
Then annually upon her anniversary
Till one day as he alighted from the number 60 bus
Into the scorching sun
His eyes settling upon a tree
And he remembered
The new typist in the office that had arrived that day
And realised that the world
Does not only consist of one person
And he laughed

Sajid Mehmud said...

very nice.....i liked these sharings... visit here for urdu poetry books...of wasi shah and farhat abbas shah....