Friday, March 24, 2006

***Roz dekha hai***

Poetry Event in Slough

Group of Poets
Farzana Naina-Nasima Ali-Ghazal Ansari
Farzana Naina-Mayor of Slough Latif Khan-Akhtar Khan

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Charity Mushaira in Glasgow

Rahat Zahid-Rana Sheikh-Adil Bhatti-Ishtiyaq Ahmed-Shehzad Malik-Inderjit Aarzoo-Saeed Majeed-Dr.Shafi Kausar

Mushaira Ordiance
Inderjit Aarzoo-Dr.Shafi Kausar-Ishtiyaq Ahmed-Farzana NainaFarzana Mehek-Farzana Naina-Ishtiyaq Ahmed
Poetry Recital-Farzana Naina

Musical Performance by Aasia Suman

Consulate Shah jamal-Malik Ghulam Rabbani-Farzana Naina-Mrs.Sarwer and Mr Malik

Mushaira Ordiance Organizers of the Event

Nottingham's leading News paper"Evening Post"

Farzana Khan Naina Is a British Pakistani Urdu Poetess has been reading and writing poetry and Pros globally for the last 15 years under the name "Naina".
Her poetry is about Human emotion, humanity, deprivation and decline in relationships.
It has been said by leading Urdu Critics that her style is very different to other Urdu poetesses and is seen as quite refreshing.
“..Expatriate writers are not well at transmitting feelings with the same intensity…However, Naina is certainly a new distinctive voice in Urdu Poetry’.”
Iftikhar Arif - Chairman of the Urdu academy, Pakistan
Her First book of poetry is named ‘Dard Ki Neeli Ragein’ (Blue Veins of Pain)
This book is a result of her creative abilities, hard work and determination,
And it has been receiving a tremendous response amongst leading poets/critics.
Having done many other courses she also has "Media & journalism diploma”, she’s an experience broadcaster at Radio Faza Nottingham and
She's an appointed reporter of A leading Asian news paper ''Nawa-i-waqt London" in Nottingham.

Listen to Farzana
Live On
Women's Corner- Tuesday: 1000-1200am

Naghma-o-sher -Tuesday: 2100-2400pm

Baseerat-Friday: 1400-1600pm
Yaadon ke Jugnu-Saturday: 2100-2300pm

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Inauguration at Nottingham's County Hall

Dr.Asim Wasti -Expressing his thoughts on Farzana's Poetry
With Aasi Kashmiri-Chairmen of Nottinghamshire County Council and
Farzana NainaThe Photographer of Nottingham's leading News Paper"Evening Post" Taking a Pose.
Farzana Naina Signing the book"Dard ki neeli ragein" for her Fan's.

The Book "Dard Ki Neeli Ragein"-کتاب درد کی نیلی رگیں

Book Cover - Dard Ki Neeli Ragein

Dard Ki Neeli Ragein 
by Farzana Naina
List Price: £10.00 + postage & packaging

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Product Details:

  • Hardcover
  • 200 Pages
  • First Edition, December 2003
  • Language, Urdu
  • Category, Poetry

A collection of modern urdu poems (Nazam & Ghazals) explored through seasons & emotions through the eyes of one woman.