Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mohsin Bhopali


Rashid said...

ASSALAM WA Alaikum,I am impressed with your poetry in which you have expressed your inner feelings in a bold and very pronounced way. Very few pwople can do this...May Allah give you more strength to keep expressing the way you intend doing it.... I am thankful to you for comments about my father's poetry, Mohsin Bhopali..... Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Mohsin

Urdu Blog by F@rzana***نيناں*** said...

It's very kind of you to appriciate my few words,I'm greatful on your effort to write me. Jazak-Allah

Sayyad Azad said...

MshaAllah, nice writing. Many aspects of Mohsin Bhopali's Litrary career highlighted in such a clear cut way.

I happened to search for Mohsin Bhopali's famous ghazal
Apna aap tamasha ker kay daikhoon ga
khud ko khud say minha ker kay daikhoon ga

and somehow reached at your blogspot.

It is refreshing and makes me recal Mohsin Bhopali's lots of great couplets.