Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Horoscope

Rising Sign: Sagittarius

You are apt to see the world from an extreme perspective and it may be hard for you to find a middle ground on which to stand. Be careful of having such a black and white mentality about things that you pigeonhole yourself into an uncomfortable position that you can't get out of. More than likely, your place of retreat will be your home. Today's square between Pluto and the Moon indicates that your home will be of much greater importance to you today than usual.
You might feel as if you're carrying a ten-ton weight around your neck. It could well appear that tasks, which normally take you ten minutes, are now taking an hour. Some you might have to do over until you get them right. This is a drag, farzana, but it probably won't last past today. Do whatever it takes to get the most important chores done today, then leave the rest until tomorrow. You'll be in a better space then.
Week of December 11, 2006:
You are the center of the party and the golden one that shines like the sun. Each joke and every drop of humor that rolls from your lips will be well-received and greeted with peals of laughter. Wherever you are, there has got to be a party going on. Yes, you really are having that effect upon others. Your charisma and optimism is particularly well-received at this time of year, when some people have to work really hard to feel even remotely festive. You can bet that you are going to be the life and soul of any social event that is going on. You are the one who is not only willing to share, but who will also receive many new opportunities as a result of your willingness to reach out to others. Friday may bring a few tensions your way, but nothing that you can't handle. If you really want to relax, then a massage would do you a world of good at this time. If the family starts getting on your nerves, get out and get some exercise. You'll feel so much better. Saturday is more productive and down to earth. You will suddenly get into gear and achieve more in one day than you have in a week.
Horoscope for this month
This month, Sagittarius, a powerhouse of planets will be traveling through your sign. Be ready for variety, excitement, and a few surprises. The first few days may be somewhat trying, though. It will seem as if events are working against you, and you may have to face the results of some your past indiscretions. By December 7, you should feel more positive and passionate about life. Over the next few weeks, you can reach for the stars. Start with identifying what you want and then make a practical plan for reaching your goals. By December 11, when Mars conjuncts Jupiter in your sign, take action and charge ahead. Minor setbacks the next day are only temporary. Social commitments on December 13 and 14 will be interesting but distracting. Doubts about your goals will crop up on December 15, but by the next day you should be able to realistically continue to meet them. Your powers of perception will be strong on December 18, and you can clearly understand the motives of others and use this to your advantage. This week your creative ability will be heightened. A New Moon in Sagittarius will herald a positive, confident attitude. On December 23, you'll get some unique advice to take you in a new direction. Throughout the holidays, you will be able to persuade others to help you and will understand situations more clearly. However, on December 26, you may have to avoid making important decisions. High energy and hard work on December 28 will make you a winner.

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